• The Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria has commended radio and television stations across the country for adequately mobilising Nigerians for the forthcoming elections through pre- election reportage, public enlightenment programmes and jingles that adequately prepare the entire populace for the elections.


  • Broadcast Media outfits have provided level playing field   for all political parties to sell their manifestos free of charge to the electorates thereby deepening democractic governance and values.


  • We have also observed that radio and television stations including government NBC owned stations have continued to include in their news bulletin, stories emanating from the various political parties without necessarily paying for it.

They also   deserve commendations for diffusing the impact of fake news being disseminated through the Social media.


  • Although NBC has raised red flag in one instance on what it considered as transmitting “unfair content” during live transmission of political party rallies.


NBC is aware as the Regulator that there is no Television station in Nigeria including Government owned that has acquired the live editing technology called “profanity delay” because of the cost. This makes it impossible for stations to control speeches made by politicians during “live” transmission of political party rallies.


  • BON as a responsible organisation does not support deliberate violation of broadcasting codes or any other extant laws.

In the same vein we will continue to advocate for due process from the regulator before imposition of sanctions.


  • Now that the elections are at the doorstep, BON wishes to admonish member stations as they have done so far to adhere strictly to the electoral guidelines as well as broadcast codes.


  • We equally appeal to security agencies to ensure adequate security for organisations and media practitioners most especially in volatile areas across the country during and after the elections.


Executive Secretary, BON